Technical Centre for Seldén Masts


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Technical Centre for Seldén Masts

We are expert in the supply, commission, maintenance, repair and inspection of all types of alloy and carbon spars. We work wth all makes of spar and can supply most of the major ones, such as Seldén, Z-Spars and Sparcraft.

Spinnaker Poles

Spinnaker poles, dip or end for end, vertical pole stowage solutions all in aluminium or carbon depending on your needs, ensuring you have the correct pole for your yacht.

Bow Sprits

We supply Bow Sprits and offer advice on their fitting.


Booms servicing and supply, traditional slab reefing and single line reefing including upgrade of old booms and replacement.


Expert riggers from dayboats to multihulls to maxis.

Rigging is what we do day in day out – all sizes and types of craft – so we carry stocks of almost everything you’ll ever need to get you rigged and ready to go quickly and easily.

We offer a supply and fit service in respect of standing rigging from standard 1×19 stainless steel wire, dyform or rod rigging to existing or new masts all accurately measured.

Comprehensive stocks

We carry large stocks of stainless steel wire and have hydraulic roll swaging machines capable of handling up to 16mm wire.

Standing Rigging is built using wire and terminals from the major manufacturers predominantly Selden and Navtec.

Rope & Line

We offer a comprehensive range of the latest yachting rope from the major manufacturers including Marlow, King Fisher, English Braids and Maffioli, spliced in-house to your requirements ensuring that the right rope is used for the job.

If you need advice on which spec to choose from what can be a bewildering array of choices we would be delighted to assist.

Rig Inspections

Rig inspections are important to maintain the overall safety and performance of your vessel.

We provide a thorough rig inspection service that aims to find faults such as stress cracking or worn parts and also check for general wear and tear. Any faults or potential failures will be reported back to you in the form of a written rig report.

Is it time for a rig inspection?

Ideally you should have your rig inspected after the 1st year of sailing to ensure that the mast was commissioned correctly and tensioning will be required due to the stretch in the new wires.

After 2 years you should have a full rig inspection with the mast still stepped.

After 3 years the mast should be un-stepped and inspected on the ground.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Rigging Specialists

We are a dedicated, expert team of rigging specialists. We provide a full range of mast and rigging services and are agents for the major suppliers. We are also enthusiastic, interested and delighted to assist and advise.

Seldén Technical Centre

We offer great solutions for almost all types of spars and rigging requirements from supply, commissioning, maintenance and repair through to some friendly advice should you need it. We back this up with personal service, good products and high quality workmanship.

Over 30 Years’ Experience

Our technical expertise is founded upon solid experience of over 30 years on all sizes and types of yachts from dayboats to the latest hi tech racing yachts.

Martin founded the company in June 2000 and himself has over 30 years industry experience. He has worked and sailed on many sailing yachts. His passion for sailing started in dinghies at school progressing into cruising in the Solent and racing in international events. He successfully completed a 5 year Fabrication and Welding apprenticeship at Sparlight, one of the top spar makers in the world, working on spars for the top racing and cruising boats.


We have most rigging requirements readily in stock and as a Seldén Technical Centre and dealer for other popular brands of spar we have ready access to any spar you could need from a custom spec carbon racing mast to an off the shelf cruising spar.

Our services include:

  • New Masts
  • New standing and running rigging
  • New booms, poles and bow sprits
  • Furling Gear – service and new
  • Rig Inspections
  • Lazy Jacks, Single Line Reefing and Kicker Systems
  • Guardwires, Mooring Lines
  • Un-stepping and making ready for transport
  • Re-Stepping
  • Rig Tuning